PIERO FOGLIATI (1930 - 2016)

“With his work Fogliati evokes
the amazement of an apparition,
merges beauty and perception,
thus demonstrating his trust in imagination
and his sincere and joyful love for mankind”

Piero Fogliati was born in 1930 in Canelli, a small town near Asti, and lived and worked mostly in Turin.
He began his career in the visual arts as a self-taught artist in the 1950s, experimenting with both figurative and abstract-informal painting. His search for a personal style and his belief in the autonomy of the artistic idiom soon merged with his strong interest in science and technology. In an exploration of sensory perception and natural phenomena, Fogliati creates machines reflecting the sublime, refined aesthetic of his visual and sound imagery.

Video interview with Piero Fogliati